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Richard Weller-Poley Photography, comprising Richard & his wife Isobel, has been trading since 1993. It specialises in event photography; however, Richard has been photographing for many years in different genres including portraiture, weddings, pet & family commissions, and in industry/construction.


The majority of Richard & Isobel's work is equestrian-based where they cover events with their state-of-the-art mobile production unit.  They photograph competitors, and then display the images in the form of 7"x5" photographs on exhibit boards, ready to sell to the contestants.    This enables customers to view their images with ease without having to queue for their turn to look on computers! They have a considerably quick turn-around time from shooting the image to point of sale.  Alternative methods of the image can also be purchased through their on-line page, and enlargements and black & white copies are also available on the day, at point of sale. The photographs are strut-mounted and then gold-embossed with the date & venue (please see Price List for additional image options).  At larger events, a small collection of additional photographers is employed should an event prove too big for Richard to cover alone.  However, good photographers who can capture the appropriate shots are hard to come by. They would rather not cover an event at all than cover it badly with the use of inexperienced snappers who set their cameras to 'motor-drive' in the hope of a decent shot.


Isobel covers front-of-house from the photographic trailer where she produces and sells the images to eager customers.


Much of their work caters for magazine coverage including Horse & Hound, Absolute Horse, Eventing, Carriage Driving, and The Field.


There are few photographers who can claim to have quite the skill and expertise in this particular industry as Richard. Experience cannot be learnt either overnight, in a classroom or, indeed, over the counter in a camera shop.  Practice makes perfect - and fifty years of experience is testament to Richard's ability.


Away from the equestrian field, Richard is also an accomplished wedding photographer whose work is second to none.  Marrying couples book Richard over & above other photographers because of his subtle coverage of the day/evening, and his ability to 'not be there' (see Testimonials) while at the same time recording the day with the utmost sensitivity.  His daughter, Bridget, is also an accomplished photographer who has joined 'the team', enabling the bride to feel relaxed before the ceremony, and thereby providing the feminine touch. Richard will ALWAYS carry out a recce beforehand; all within a reasonable budget.  More details can be found under Wedding on the Home page.


A big event in Richard & Isobel's diary is the Dogs In Need Agility Society show which is held annually at Trinity Park, Ipswich (formerly the Suffolk Showground).  This is a full week of dog agility competitions from Grade 1 to Grade 7 through to Championships.  They have 'grown' with the show, having joined it in 1997 after it moved to Suffolk.  More details can be found under Canine.


Please do enjoy browsing through the website to view some of Richard's work.


Want to work for us?  We are always happy to meet new photographers who can cover an event at short notice. We expect our photographers to know when to press the shutter without relying on 'motor-drive'; especially in the equestrian field. Anybody relying on motor-drive (except at Point-To-Points) will not be employed. Please contact us if you think you have the expertise.