Equestrian Shows/Showing

Please see below the shows we have attended so far in 2017. Show images will be uploaded onto the 'Client Area' on the top line on the Home Page shortly after the event. If you are unable to locate your image/s we would be happy to email you proofs.  Please be sure to provide us with the requested information below. Please go to 'Client Area', or click on the show below, to view show images in the first instance, however.

If you would like to view images from a show, please complete the form opposite, and under 'More Details' please include the following information (see below). We will then email you proof photographs. Please note that the poor quality of the emailed images is for proofing purposes only.


Class Details:

  • Name
  • Number

Horse/Animal Details:

  • Colour/Breed
  • White Socks (fore/hind/nearside/offside)
  • Blaze/Star
  • Browband Colour

Rider/Handler Details:

  • Competitor Name/No.
  • Hat Colour
  • Jacket Colour
  • Gloves Colour
  • Tie Colour
  • Trousers/Jodhpurs Colour
  • Any distinguishing features



Thank you, that's everything we need. We'll be getting in touch with you shortly.

Request Photos

If you are unable to find your images on our website, please get in touch by completing the form below.

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